Convegni – IX° Philomatic Symposium: The power of ideas.

clip_image002If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. With this sentence Giulio Prigioni closed the proceedings of the IX International Phylomatic Symposium entitled “The power of ideas. The revival of associations between planning and participation” held yesterday Thursday, November 20th, in via della Greca 5, in the Conference Room of the Office of the Assembly Capitolina of Rome.
A phrase that sums up the spirit of the various interventions but far from being conclusive achieves a kind of fading on an upbeat note which is in fact to reinforce the concept of a force in the making, with a strong potential as a heritage on which to rebuild a community that can be touched and moved by cum movere (latin), move together, to feed new interests that could give rise to new ideas. From concept to practice.
This is the point on which Bruno Grassetti (professor at the University Unicusano) insists. He is introduced by the moderator Antonio Cecere after the opening address of the President of the International Phylomates Association, Dr. Danilo Campanella, in his second last year in office.
campanella simposio The practice is what fits in the big circuit of geopolitical relations, the practice gives us an identity. A new identity, different from the past, made of syncretism, of constant hybridizations, as we can also infer from the book by Francesco Ciocci “New Job Frontiers” presented at the Symposium; but makes us feel like partakers of the historical moment. We need to build a “now” and not a “post-modernism” rather than a “post anything” as Professor Luigi Pannarale makes us think about. The associationism, even virtual, is the basis from which to build the present, a present that we don’t like and which should be given a viable alternative, real, hard-hitting.
Otherwise, to paraphrase the words of the journalist James Pisani we would be lonely individuals locked up in their small rooms with little barley in pot ready to be eaten, intent on weaving aseptic virtual relationships based on nothing, on the celebration of ocularcentrism prepared but at the same time every day emptied by the latest job interview gone wrong, by the latest round in a call center where we try to sell the same mediocre barley in pot ready to be consumed. Individuals, with an emphasis on Darwinian echoes, not people, with their agency, with their indisputable miraculous differences full off with ideas to share. pannarale
From a certain point of view, it would be no less useful to give due importance to the virtual, and turn again, with new interest in paper form, as pointed out by Mario Sammarone, writer and essayist, whose numbers on the publishing crisis are terrifying. We should fall back into reality, reconsider the arts, physical theater, as pointed out by Elisa Pellegrini, president of Filomati-Artisticamente Albano. A physical too denied in today’s world, a diaphragmatic breath, choral, lost in the frenetic ticking of the clock; If you do not breathe together you can’t think together.
pannarale simposioHow can we forget the words of the moderator Andrea Gentile to reconsider an education for schools, which is focused on the training of boys and girls considered as social people, focused on the quality and not the quantity of education: a question that haunted Kant and that he had no way to complain about the modus operandi of the schools of his time and afflicts and perhaps not as much as it should, some teachers here in Italy. This is perhaps the keystone.
The associationism, planning, participation, should be naturalized in the classroom, like a second skin, not as words but as prospects.
In this context, we can read the nominations of Honorary Philomates of this year: Franco Ferrarotti, Luigi Pannarale e Mario Guarna.

By Zoe Cocco.



Photo: Aracne Editrice



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