THE FOREX Market and Islamic Finance

images (1)The substantial difference between West Economy of the geopolitical occidental block and the East Economy and Finance especially  related to  great Islamic Finance is linked to the Islamic rule followed by Islamic Financial Institutions and all Banks, both religious and financial that’s provide do  not apply interest to the loans absolutely. This is the best feature of Islamic banks   rather of West financial Institutions which   apply fees and interests the loans charging money of heavy pounds and any kind of iniquitous tax , it’s called  only as Usury and bloodsucking  . Then Islamic finance  it’s  strictly linked  to chance of investing smart ( smart Money) to take advantage from big money flows  movement  which seems to create   biggest problems in the global economic and financial  system. Bit this analysis isn’t correct ..The truth is that the banks system of the West is outdated and bad and this is the time to change… So  FOREX  is the most liquid and large market of the world, is the global market of the Currencies where  every day is changed a volume of 5  trillions of dollars and is OTC ( Over the  counting) and a lot of traders all over the world  -are making money consistently with it while the risk it’s very low and limited throw a STOP LOSS ORDER which let to go out of the market with a determined and limited losses. So to be successful   in this  business need for a precise qualities and skills which every trader which would be successful  should develop throw a specific and well planned training as a Sport activity physical and mental. In fact the trader must study the technical analysis concepts an principles on the market charts observation as well how the Technical Analysis Founder, the clever  Charles Dow (Sterling,6 November  1851 – Brooklyn, 4 December  1902);  and also need for strong discipline and a rigid and specific business plan  for every aspect  if trading activity as for example Money management : the  techniques of risk evaluation and risk planning . For example  it’s suitable and very recommended set up a trade    with 1% and   2% maximum of total risk. In fact Finance isn’t science exact   , however is a science   with rules very precise and concrete. These mirroring Financial  markets   structure   and   movements.

How You can be winner,  as independent financial entrepreneur in the most big and liquid  Financial Market of the world

The objective in the FOREX Market, that’s zero sum game,  the objective is making money in  a currency pair from the spread ( difference of price) between  one currency  and other currency at determined level of price. So firstly,   need  you choose a good currency pair to trade , for example one of the  majors as : US. Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound  (GBP), or maybe many others  which are available  in the financial market . In this situation your claim  should be take profit by oscillations and movements of the market   keeping  very carefully your investment   and ,monitoring, managing  and minimizing as well as possible  your risk defending and protecting with maximum strength  your capital with a STOP LOSS order, As I mentioned before this particular order let you  to close your position  with a limited and determined loss rather your buy or sell starting  order . The   biggest advantage to positioning a STOP LOSS order is providing to close at determined level of price with small and determined   loss a particular and specific  trade into we have bought or sold a particular currency. This financial operation  could have only a 2 possible  ends : a small and determined and contained loss with STOP LOSS or a gain  at a determined level (Take Profit)of the price Higher(LONG trade) or Lower(SHORT trade ). This is a simple, clear, linear  and very effective philosophy of investment, at my opinion, perfectly and wonderfully connected  with precepts and rules of Islamic Finance   So, I believe which isn’t an accident which the best FOREX Trader of the world in the year 2011  was an illustrious exponent of this financial model , Adil Malik  from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan  . As I just told you, FOREX is   the most liquid and big market of the world, with more than 5 trillions of dollars of volumes   of exchange  every day . Then , as  Adil Malik told during a television  transmission ,  operating on the  FOREX  market now  is the biggest  financial  entrepreneurial business of the world  .  Then the only key of the success on this business is maintain  a rigid and perfect military   discipline,  following rightly and  properly and without any  bad  emotions your trading plan : .

In Europe especially in Italy this big innovative financial   business actually is  and  absolutely not well evaluated  . At this purposed to make a good information I think to indicate to you a very good and young Italian Company which are organizing very good courses very formative and very instructive on this subject with very high level of knowledge and preparation of teachers and trainers all charged and   optimum learning skills and experience   :  SAPIENZA FINANZIARIA , the University of FOREX Trading,   .

At the conclusion

We are at the end of  this  excursus short  but really effective to discover the world of  Islamic Finance. This financial organization   is based on Islamic law Sharia , which don’t  let to   take  profit by application of interests on the loans  and banish usury as  crime . This law considerate  the money only an instrument  to realize the common good and social, economic, financial wellness , So in order to obey and be in line with this  important precepts  capital must be invested always and always must work for  the community which is owner of it. During our path we have well understood   the important and deep link between Islamic Finance and FOREX; the greatest and most liquid financial market of the world,   which is OTC (over the  counting)  where are changed over 5 trillions of dollars every day, without question the present and the  future of the global financial industry. So , as I told often  in my writings we are talking about  the largest and profitable  industry of the world.

Raimondo Ralante

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