The crisis in Greece

Crisi in Grecia, violenti scontri davanti al parlamento della capitaleBleeding ….

Socrates preferred to drink the hemlock instead of changing opinion and attitude and did not want to justify democratic Athens, and kept until the end a policy of a forceful man. That’s how in current GREECE things will be due to economic crisis and not only. It is a crisis of quality, crisis of soul and above all crisis that would make the Greek remain silent for ever!  All of us wait with anxiety what will ultimately be as hemlock in our society… The unemployment officially reached 27 per cent but the elements of Greek philomath’s say 32 per cent, each family has 1-2 unemployed and supermarket is a luxury shop for every one of us.

Education is already on the verge of despair by saying the teachers at school children that Greeks come from Indian generation! Insurance funds are completely empty and almost every house is in courtrooms for seizure, 90 percent of Greeks is heavily in debt to banks and money-lenders. There is no day that passes and everybody in this country hope that we awake from a nightmare that, however, we created alone … Our politicians do not find solutions, rightly, because they can’t… All have raised their hands up. It’s a matter of time to become explosion, bakeries sell bread that is  three days old for 0.20 euro because people do not have half euro that is required for the fresh bread the day. And at the other hand daily you hear at the media that the situation improves, growth will reach at desired levels and many other grand plans.  All the residents of the country have been born and will die with a privilege to know when to swallow the hemlock than to live chained… Greece transmits a major S.O.S due to the fact that if this glorious populace closes its eyes in this inglorious way then you have to be sure that the next one will be you and probably much easier target!  This place is bleeding and every drop of blood lost is: a young Greek who goes abroad away from his family, another one who commits suicide- daily we have reached 25 due to crisis- an enterprise that dismisses the elderly who will never regain job at 55 years old and will send their children to school fasting. Something that statistics again says that half of the children at schools lose consciousness from starvation!


Finally a whole generation is bleeding which seems to fade away from the universal map and as we say that once Atlantis, Byzantium were existed, soon we will say.




Director Greece Apostolos Tsipidis

Philomates Association (AF)





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