Working abroad: Australia

Silvia arixiLet’s interview a young Italian girl, Silvia Arixi, coming from Sardinia, who since few years has decided to “emigrate” and work in a country highly aspired to by many, which is Australia.

Silvia, is this a choice dictated by the love for kangaroos or because you knew there is work in Australia? 

Dear Danilo mine has been a choice dictated by the desire of escaping and by a sixth sense that told me: Silvia..Australia is what suits you..I promise that you will find yourself again and will enjoy it. And that is what has happened. To be honest I didn’t know life was so easy here. I found a job the same day I looked for it and i’ve been so lucky that I could change 8 jobs for need of for a whim. Of course year after year the economic crisis is reaching Australia also but there is still room for everybody and with everybody I mean all those who want to work and improve themselves.

How long are you living in Australia for? Did your italian qualification help you?

I have been living in Australia for a year now. My italian qualification is luckily one of the few which is valid here. I just need to stand a hard examination to get my certificate and be able to work as professional without spending much money. In this case i consider myself very lucky as many other overseas qualifications are not valid in Australia.

Which work experiences have you had in Sardinia and which in Australia? 

Well.. my work experiences have been pretty much the same both in Sardinia and Australia besides few differences:

1. In Australia are paid double and skilled people are rewarded with higher positions and higher wages.

2. In Sardinia I have never had the chance to work in my field, which is interpreting and translating, even if I hold an italian bachelor degree, while as I got here in Sydney, a year ago, I have been contacted by the italian chamber of commerce based in Sydney to work as interpreter in a 2-day fair.  The only thing I did was sending my resume to agencies,firms and government offices connected to Italy found on the internet.

Which steps do you have to take to live permenently in Australia? Any hope?

To be able to live in Australia permenently there are different options:

1. Get married to an australian citizen or apply for a de facto.

2. Have a profession which is listed in the skilled list n°1 shown by the australian government that you can find in the following website: and in this case you can enter Australia on a so called Business Card.

3. Get a sponsorship from your boss. A sponsor is a contract that lasts a minimum of 2 years and can be requested by an australian citizen who has his own business. After this 2 years you can apply for a “permanent visa”.

What kind of people are Australians both as citizens and bosses?  Have you had any negative experience? is subjective and depends on the personal experiences. . In regards to myself I have to say that didn’t have such negative experiences. The only one I can mention is the one I had while I was working in a cafè whose owner put a manager in charge of everything and he was totally unable to manage neither the cafè nor the staff. When I complained about having less working hours compared to the others clearly less able than me and hired long time after me, my boss replied: “This is a job anyway and you should be grateful for it, if you are not satisfated that is the door”. Perfect, I walked off and the next week I found 3 new jobs. It is true that: “every cloud has a silver lining”.

As is any other country there are good and bad people. Australians as bosses and so as citizens also are very dedicated to their businesses and expect just the best from every single member of their staff. Not for nothing only the best candidates are selected and hired since there is lots of competition between foreigners who aspire to get the highest qualification to hold the best and well paid positions. This aspect is one of the most positive since that encouraging foreigners to study at the australian universities and invest money then, the government keeps the economy high and after an expensive and and hard course of study it offers the newly graduated the chance to practise immediately their capabilities with a likewise satisfating wage.

What do you want to suggest to those boys and girls who want to emigrate to Australia?

Guys DO IT!! it has been the most right choice i’ve ever made in my life and i will never regret. Just try to do it as soon as you can before it becomes to hard. Unfortunately immigration laws change every year  and the crisis will reach even Australia, but if you can make it before it happens you have won.

Good luck to all of you who wish to emigrate in this paradise.

Danilo Campanella

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